The 6 Most Eaten Food in the World! Number 5 Will Shock You

There is not a single problem in the world that can’t be solved by delicious and tasty food. Wanna lighten up someone’s bad or end any fight just take them to a perfect food date.

Most people think that food makes everyone happy but have you ever wondered if there are a lot of different cultures, religions, and traditions so what is the most eaten food in the world?

As there is an ocean of food dishes wherever you go, the list given below will ensure that it will remove the option of not eating anything.

Most Eaten Food In the World

Ladies and gentlemen presenting you with the top 6 most eaten foods in the world.

1. Rice

Rice is the most common dish in the world and I’m sure that you will not get surprised on hearing that rice is the first ever most eaten food in the world. As you know rice is a nicely easy crop to grow. Rice is grown in each and every corner of the world and in every continent except Antarctica.

According to the Economist around 90% of the world’s rice is eaten in Asia. China also consumed more rice than any country, about 154.9 Million metric tons in 2021-2022

Rice is the most valued dish in Asian countries. There are so many traditional dishes which involve rice like sushi, rice cake, and much more.

Rice is the food key for more than 3.5 billion people around the world. It is about half of the world’s population. It is the most super easy crop to grow.

2. Eggs

There is no place where you can’t find eggs. You can cook eggs in a special way for the meal and can keep them at your home. Eggs are the rich source of proteins and as the most essential part of baked items.

Eggs contain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients which are for health and skin care as people can also use eggs as face packs and hair masks.

Eggs are the only food that is super easy to cook and doesn’t need much time. You can cook eggs in different ways. You can cook them several ways, you can fry them, boil them and even mess the map to make an omelet. so eggs are considered as the most eaten Food worldwide.

The average consumption is 161 eggs per person per year.

3. Bread

Sandwich is the most popular dish that can be prepared with bread. Germany alone has 1300 based on making bread. It is the most popular breakfast item. In Early Times when no erasers were invented, bread was the only way to correct mistakes while writing.

In 2022 average volume per person in the breadth segment is expected to be 20.8 kg. The average American consumes 53 pounds of bread per year.

Nowadays bread can be used as a toast Sandwich and to make bread crumbs. By drawing the brand it is used to make bread crumbs and used in frying different foods and making it crispy.

4. Chicken

Chicken is the most cheaper and easier dish to make as compared to other meals. According to multiple services, it comes out that it is the most eaten mild in the world. Chicken is healthier than beef as it is full of protein fibers and Vitamin B12.

Chicken can be used to make different meals like soup, which is the best for curing fever and flu, Fried Chicken. It can also be edited to different vegetables and cooked. The most popular fast food place like KFC’s whole work based on chicken.

According to global poultry meat consumption, from 2021 to 2023 Global consumption of poultry meat will amount to 153.85 metric kilotons by 23. Almost 136 million chickens are eaten worldwide.

5. Potato

I am sure that you will be shocked to hear that potatoes are the most eaten vegetable in the world. Potato is the third most important food crop in the world after rice and wheat.

More than a billion people worldwide eat potato and globally the crop produced exceeds 200 million metric tons.

Potatoes can be eaten in the form of rice mashed or boiled. It can also be mixed with other vegetables and meat. It is so easy to grow and the fun fact is it will be the first vegetable to be grown in space. The most popular fast food place McDonald’s fries that are made from potatoes are the most eaten worldwide.

US per capita consumption of fresh potatoes is 29.3 Pounds by 2021. China is now the world’s top potato producer followed by India, Russia, and Ukraine.

6. Pasta

Past is an Italian dish. It is the most popular dish among children. It is super easy to cook and get ready within no time.

According to a 2019 survey, nearly 16 million tons of Pasta were produced in the world. Americans consume 6 billion Pounds of Pasta each year.

Pasta includes a variety. Spaghetti is the most famous Pasta in the world. Pasta is a healthy diet if not consumed on a daily basis. It contains carbohydrates,

proteins and one percent of the fat which is good for health.

In Italy, 81% of the population regularly have pasta on their daily menu.

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